Having specialized business units for manufacturing activity of fabrics, curtains and soft furnishings, bed and bath-linen. Specializing in 100% pure silks, pure cotton, pure linen and their blends for high fashion garments, home furnishing orders from importers, high street fashion brands, hotels, hospitals, homes via architects and interior decorators.

Supported by specialized Branded units Handled by professionals. Units- SUN n LOTUS, LOTUS Fabrics, easyTEXsource, easyDECOR and easyUNIFORMS.
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We are the original manufacturers of natural yarn fabrics for international exporters and importers market.We have the largest collection of fabric to choose from.


To become a truly global home furnishing fabric specialist, offering high quality products and services with high functional and aesthetic value.

Join us to get access to lakhs of fabric design and samples.

Become our premium channel partner to access our products and services and provide address our mutual customers.

Our Brands

Following are few of the brands which are owned and run by Shree Shreemahalakshmi Enterprises

Lotus Fabric

Lotus fabric is a brand owned by Shree Shreemahalakshmi Enterprises. We are mainly into Manufacturing , Stocking and exporting Fabrics we also...

Read More is an Home decor, and furnishing factory operating we manufacture curtains , blinds and Other furnishings. We also have a web portal, that goes by the same name...

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Sun and Lotus

Sun and lotus ia a brand owned by Shree ShreeMahalakshmi Enterprises , It is an exquisite collection of hand picked fabrics, mor varied uses...

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Shree SKK bed and bath linen

Shree SKK Bed and Bath linen, is an assortment of premium bed and bath linen manufactured by Shree Shreemahalakshmin Enterprises ...

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Easy Tex Source

Easy Tex Source is one of the largest collection of fabrics samples, here you can choose from multitude of fabrics to furinsh your house ...

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Following are few of the service that we offer.


We have our own fabric manufacturing units. Where in me can manufacture all kinds of fabric.


We also Import and Stock fabrics from different sources and Manufacturers..


We are primarily into into exporting fabric. We export fabrics to pretty much all parts of the globe

Digital Printing

The latest service we have added to our profile is digital fabric printing.


Being in the fabric business Dyeing is our prime area of expertise.

Garment Manufacturing

We also manufacture garments.and supply it to domestic as well as International companies.


Designing curtains is what we are known for,we also have an online curtain store.


When it comes to blinds and fabric blinds there are very few who can match us.


We are also whole sale suppliers home decor items like cushions, and bed & bath linen .

Our Companies

Shree Shreemahalakshmi Enterprises have multiple subsidiaries following are two companies which are a sister concern to Shree Shreemahalakshmi Enterprises.

Shree SKK Fabric Manufacturing Company

We specialize in manufacturing 100% cotton cloths and Dyeing.We have our own weaving dyeing and ...

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Shree LV Fashion

SLV fashion is fabric manufacturing company with 3 units of 10 machine each , operating out of South india. We specialize in Making curtains a Home ...

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